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A Highly Rewarding Promotional Offer from Bodog

Bodog Casino has an exciting promotional offer for players. The new promotion, titled Treasure Hunt, comes with £5,000 reward. You can play either blackjack or slots to obtain this reward.

The slot path to the rewards has seven different challenges that players have to complete between October 14 and 27. The first 3 challenges are: play more than 100 spins on any of the slot games; play 50 spins or more on a slot game named Battleground; play 24 or more spins on 4 separate slots games. The remaining challenges are similar, with players expected to complete certain number of spins on a particular slot game. The minimum stake on each of these challenges is £1.

If you successfully complete all the seven challenges offered, you will receive a ticket to the lucky draw for the grand prize of £5,000. Besides, for every single challenge that is completed, players will be rewarded with tickets for the lucky draw for 10 different prizes of £500 each.

For the blackjack path too there are 7 challenges. The first 3 challenges are: play more than 50 hands on any blackjack game; play more than 25 hands on Double Deck Blackjack game; and hit one blackjack or more on any of the blackjack games available with a minimum £10 stake. The remaining challenges are as follows: Playing at least 10 hands of the Single Deck Blackjack version; playing at least 25 hands of European Blackjack (minimum £10 stake); hitting at least one blackjack on Single Deck or Double Deck blackjack; and play at least 50 hands on any version of blackjack on the site (minimum £10 stake). Blackjack players will get the same rewards for completing these challenges as those received by slots players.

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