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Cabaret Club Casino gives players the opportunity to become VIP

It is worth becoming a VIP member at Cabaret Club Casino and players are taking advantage of this offer.

Cabaret Club, one of the most important online casinos in the online gaming industry, powered by Microgaming, is inviting all its players to become a VIP member. This way players have the chance to become one of the exclusive members in the casino from the first day.

Cabaret Club is an active member of Palace Group. All players who will become a VIP member at Palace group will be rewarded with a 500 points gift which can be utilized by players at their wish.

It is quite advantageous for players to become a VIP member because it will mount the loyalty club account of the player. The status of the club is automatically lifted to the Platinum Loyalty Tier for a month after the players get on for the status.

The casino can complement the loyalty balance of the players, keeping them at the Platinum tier. This way, players have the chance to earn 40% more points.

It is in Cabaret Casino’s interest to se players taking home attracting prizes. Therefore the casino will always be making advantageous offers to help players win.

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