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FairPlay USA seeks for making online casinos safe in USA

A Newly Established Internet Gambling Advisory board focuses on making internet based casinos more secure for players that enjoy gambling online in USA.

The former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, along with Parry Aftab, an internet safety expert and Greg Raymer, a well-known professional poker players, have formed an advisory board headed in Washington DC to ensure that online gambling is safe and secure for all players that enjoy playing online games for money.

The three founders of the board have stated that while they agree with the Congress’s stance related to illegal internet gambling, they are very definite to ensure that online gambling in America is defined by a safe and secure environment.

Provided that FairPlay USA supports the definition of illegal online gambling and enforces regulations upon, the new board has announced that it will assist the creation of strict regulatory laws for online poker. FairPlay USA is now supported by various members of the consumer protection agency, law enforcement field, gaming industry and professional poker players.

The board’s first initiative is to ask the Congress to take action on all illegal offshore gambling websites and strictly regulate the online gambling in USA in what regards security and safety of players. This has come as an answer for all Americans that enjoy playing online games and gambling on real money in America. According to FairPlay USA’s beliefs, it is more secure for players to gamble under strict regulations rather than on illegal offshore gambling sites.

FairPlay USA is focusing on three vital areas which include law enforcements regarding illegal and non-regulated casino websites, child protection and numerous rights associated with the adult poker players and their ability to play online casino games on regulated an safe websites.

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