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Gambling Reports by H2 Gambling Capital

The well-known UK-based organization for research, H2 Gambling Capital has come up with a report called ‘Gambling Goes Mobile’. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the operations of the mobile gambling market.

Various aspects of the mobile gambling industry are incorporated in the report. It incorporates areas like network technologies, historic roadblocks, software delivery, operating systems, smart phone, market reviews and forecasts, payment processing, market size, social platforms and some valuable recommendations.

The value of mobile gambling market of last year was €2.22 billion as per the report. Report forecasts say that the figure is likely to be doubled by the end of 2015. It may reach €5.4 billion.

Mobile gambling growth is put with respect to other forms of gambling by the report of H2 Gambling Capital. It states that gambling growth was 0.6% of the total gambling growth market globally at the end of last year. It was 9.8% in terms of the interactive gambling market.

The report makes predictions of the growth of mobile gambling in the interactive market, to about 12.9% by the end of 2013. Gambling Goes Mobile also states that the gambling market growth will see a rise of 0.9% by 2013. This shows the rapid growth of mobile gambling market.

Gambling Goes Mobile makes sector-wise analysis of the mobile gambling market. It has been seen that bets on races make significant contributions to the gambling market. The promotion has been placed at 77% by H2 Gambling Capital. The Japanese Racing Association contributed about 57% of this in 2010. Focus will shift to mobile lottery and mobile casino gambling within 5 years, as per the report forecasts. The report also says that by 2015, although betting will still be the dominant domain, its share will supposedly come down by 50%.

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