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iGaming Lounge Introduced at Mill Casino

Interstate gambling in the US does not fall under the federal American gambling laws. Each state has the right to decide whether or not online gambling should be allowed. A new iGaming Lounge has been launched in the Mill casino. It enables iPad users to enjoy the thrills of iPad Casinos.

The mobile casino inside Mills Casino has been designed by Acres 4.0. At present, guests of Mill Casino Hotel can choose from a host of iPad casino games. These are played over the highly secured wireless network of the hotel. The mobile network of the casino allows access to a wide range of casino games only within the premises of the hotel. Nearby residents and businesses are denied access to the mobile network of the casino.

The manager of Mill Casino Hotel, Larry Close, said that to survive in the competitive world of online casinos, personalized gambling should be adopted in traditional casinos.

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