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Maryland Officials Modifies Gambling Addiction Prevention Programs

putimage(); ?> Budget deficits have persuaded numerous US states to slash financing for gambling addiction program at an important time when treatment is needed by residents. Maryland is one of the US states that is a new player in the casino gaming market but they are making sure that their residents are cared for. Officials has launched new program to combat gaming addiction on May 6th, 2011. A toll-free number has been created and counselors are being thoroughly trained to manage the expect spike in gamers who need help keeping gaming as an entertainment option. Over the past ten years, Maryland has experienced rapid growth in its gambling industry. Whether it is casino table games, state horse racetracks or the state lottery, residents now have a lot of options for their gaming needs. But what they did not have was options on where they can ask for help if they feel that they are becoming addicted to gambling. Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz said that like any other US states, Maryland has not seriously fulfilled its responsibility to resolve gaming addiction problem of their residents. Schwartz said that it is comforting to see that officials in Maryland are finally acknowledging that there are a lot of things that needs to be change regarding the gaming addiction program in the state. The economic crisis in 2008 has pushed states to expand their casino gaming markets because of the need to create additional revenue for state coffers. A law permitting five casino facilities in Maryland was approved in 2007 and almost one hundred million dollars has been earning in gambling revenue since the law was approved. The casino gaming tax revenue that is produced is allocated for the budget. But a part of the money is allocated for gambling addiction programs. The Maryland Lottery is also contributing money to the gaming addiction program, with the intention of preventing an increase in gambling addiction numbers in the next few years.


31 2011

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