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Online Gambling Insider easily awards players with iPhone

This year’s competition offered by Online Gambling Insider awards players with iPhone 4 from Apple. Winning these prizes has never been easier.

Online Gambling Insider has come up with the easiest possibilities to win an iPhone 4 from Apple. Players can enjoy these excellent Apple phones by two simple ways offered by Online Gambling Insider.

To make it more fun, Online Gambling Insider has given players the opportunity to win these prizes while they enjoy playing their favorite online casino games, betting on a game of NFL Football and get selected for the lucky draw.

All Slot Casino is the online casino which gets to offer the first competition. All that players need to do is sign up at the casino for a real money account and deposit at least $25. This deposit must be wagered on any of the games available in the casino. This way, players will be automatically selected for the lucky draw that is being held monthly, at the end of the month. More details can be found on the All Slots Apple iPhone 4 Competition.

The second competition is related to the NFL Football Regular Season that will begin on the 10th of September and will remain active for the entire season. The prize draw will take place on the 10th of January and is sponsored by US Sportsbook, Betonline. Online Gambling Insider will refer any player that will make a single wager on any of the NFL games, automatically including them into the lucky draw. This is the fifth year when Online Gambling Insider is offering this prize.

As the editor at Online Gambling Insider, Ryan D states, this year’s offer of two iPhone 4 prizes is very exciting. The chance to win a free iPhone 4 from Apple is very challenging this year, with this excellent competition.

There are also other monthly competitions available on the portal, which offer prizes like Xbox and Ipad2.

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