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Pending Decisions of Gambling Laws in South Africa

It has been almost a year since online gambling has been declared to be illegal in South Africa. The decision was finally taken by the High Court of North Gauteng after years of debate revolving around the issue. The matter surrounded around the legality of operating gambling from within South Africa or a place outside it. Neil Tuchten, the judge of Johannesburg, who dealt with the issue, said that gambling can take place from the system of the punter. It cannot be operated from the place where the server is located.

The owner of Piggs Peak Gambling Operation, Casino Enterprises will be appealing to the government in future regarding the matter. The debate regarding online gambling has been continuing in South Africa for a long time. Government is trying to develop a way by which gambling can be operated in the country in a politically correct manner and also produces good revenue.

Owners of Casino enterprises had taken the Gauteng Gambling Board to court in the year 2006. Themba Marasha, the chief officer of the National Gambling Board commented about gambling being a big problem. This is nothing but a subjective statement as there is no statistics or empirical evidence suggesting so. Marsha also said, that those involved into illegal gambling on the web, will have charges filed against them. The process is yet to be accomplished.

Piggs Peak said that if the appeal fails, it can longer take bets from players of South Africa. But it will be ensured that players are notified about their banking modules. They will also be provided with adequate time to do so, so that the remaining balances can be redeemed.

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