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More support for US online Gambling

US online gambling have gained more support from politicians in the past few days.

US online gambling have enjoyed a piece of support in the past few days, being positively sustained by a newspaper in its articles. It is from far not enough for online gambling in US to become legal, but it’s a step forward.

Democrat Representative Kim Moran, Republican Representative Wolf and Democrat Representatives Berkeley and Hastings have re-launched on June 23rd 2011, the bill HR 2334, titled The Comprehensive Problem Gambling Bill 2011, this bill being brought to the last session of the Congress, but without solid results.

The Congress had been urged to support the bill by the US National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) aiming for the improvement of knowledge of and anticipation for problem gamblers. Through the bill, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration gets the authority to address problem gambling and secures Federal funding for this activity.

The bill HR 2366 had been introduced in June 2011 by Texas Republican Joe Barton in the House of Representatives, being called “poker only”, as it addressed only to this game. It’s been introduced under the jurisdiction of the Energy and Commerce Committee, with Barton as rightful chairman. Co-sponsor to this bill was Republican Joe Campbell and Democrats Barney Frank, Shelley Berkeley and Steve Cohen and the number of co-sponsors has been growing constantly.

Last week, Republican Jim Gerlach and Democrats Howard Berman, Peter Welch, Jim Himes and John Larson joined the sponsorship, the total number of co-sponsors getting to 25. Only 6 of the 25 co-sponsors are Republicans.

The newspaper supporting online gambling in US is New York Observer, which believes that online gambling is an increase in tax revenues. The newspaper appreciates of local and state governments stating that they haven’t thought of new ways to create new revenue streams. According to the article, Americans will continue gambling online despite the fact that online gambling is not legal and points out that forbidding online gambling is a lost cause and governments should take advantage of it.

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