Top 5 Softwares reveals interesting statistics for England

English players that enjoy gaming at online casino should definitely take a closer look at the data that have been recently released by, as they include the success rates of English customers from various regions of the country.

And it has to be said that some of the results are fairly surprising and unexpected. For example, it seems that it is easy to come to the conclusion that there is no correlation between population size and the success rate. Such statistics can certainly be used by many interested parties, including online casinos and marketing companies.

So who are the biggest winners and losers? Well, players from Ipswich top the list with average losses of only £147.93 per player, which is a fairly decent result. Players from Birkenhead, Sunderland and Milton Keynes follow, all well below the £200 mark.

The other end of the table is topped by players from Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Worthing. The average losses of players from those regions are well above £400.

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