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Quick and Simple Online Videopoker Rules

There is more to online videopoker rules than understanding the rules of basic poker.  While you certainly do need to know the fundamentals of draw poker, particularly the hand ranking system, videopoker rules are different from the traditional card game.

That said, rules for online videopoker are pretty straightforward and simple, which is part of the reason it has such a huge following.  Basically, the way an online videopker game works is the machine deals the player a five card hand.  You are allowed to keep or discard as many cards from the hand as you like.  Usually there are a couple of rounds per game, but the object is to achieve a winning combination with as many cards in your hand as you can.

Online videopoker rules do change depending on the videopoker variation you are playing.  For instance, when playing Jacks or Better, the lowest winning hand you can have is a pair of jacks.  On the other hand, in the game Deuces Wild, all of the two's (deuces) are wild and can be substituted for whatever card you want, regardless of its rank or suit.

In addition to the rules for online videopoker that you will find at many casinos and other game sites online, something else you'll want to research is strategy.  Since there are only so many possible winning hands a player can achieve in videopoker, a good idea is to obtain a video poker strategy chart to help you as you familiarize yourself with the game.  Based on the cards you currently hold, this chart tells you whether or not you should keep all or certain cards in your hand or discard them.

Due to the fact that videopoker is a fast paced digital card game, it's a good idea to try this game out for free before you play it for real money.  You'll find the classic online videopoker game, along with several of its variants available for free play online.

Online videopoker rules are quick to learn and easy to master.

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